Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top "Must-Read" Biblioblogs

The Biblioblog Top 50 site has a "Complete List of Biblioblogs" with 361 entries. I appreciate the work that goes into maintaining such a list, not to mention the monthly ranking (recently cut back to a biannual ranking). Who has the time to check the Alexa ranking on 361 sites? That's a bit unwieldy for anyone to keep track of (for free), but how many of those blogs are really worth following anyway? There's a nice mix of scholars, students, thoughtful amateurs, and outright cranks and dilettantes calling themselves bibliobloggers.

I subscribe to 103 blogs with Google Reader. Thankfully, it seems like 80% or so post very infrequently. I still have 50-100 posts to wade through each day, though. Of course, usually 50 of them are from Jim West alone. I click "Mark All As Read" a lot after skimming the titles.

I have a separate folder grouping the select few biblioblogs that I follow more closely. So here are my top 10 "must-read" biblioblogs based on who's categorized in my "Favorites" folder. These are in alphabetical order, not ranked.

1. Ancient Hebrew Poetry (John Hobbins)

2. Anumma (Brooke Lester)

3. Euangelion (Michael Bird)

4. Exploring Our Matrix (James McGrath)

5. Hesed we 'emet (John Anderson)

6. Higgaion (Chris Heard)

7. NT Blog (Mark Goodacre)

8. Paleojudaica (Jim Davila)

9. Targuman (Chris Brady)

10. Scotteriology (Scott Bailey)

Now lest anyone protest that the #1 biblioblogger didn't make my Top 10, Jim has his own category. He's simply not on the same plane as any of the other 102 blogs I subscribe to. Plus there are another 92 blogs out there which I occasionally read if the title catches my interest. I met many bibliobloggers at SBL and added their feeds recently, too, so maybe my reading habits will change in the coming months. Is it just me or has biblioblogging really taken off in the last year or so?

If you only have time for 11 biblioblogs, follow this one and my 10 favorites. If you have time for 12, follow Jim, too. If you have time for 13, Clayboy is good. If you have time for 14, I like Pat McCullough. If you have time for 15, maybe you'll like Daniel McClellan. If you have time for 16 . . .


  1. Aww. I like you too Doug, but I have to tell you that I am very happily married. I'm afraid it would never work between us. It's not you, it's me.

    Seriously, though, I am very honored to make your number 14 slot! :)

  2. If you have time for 362, you can add me. I don't think I'm listed, but that might be because I'm an undergrad and haven't asked to be listed. :D

  3. Doug:

    I appreciate your kind words. You may have noted my surprise at not being listed in the 6 month top 50, as well as on Jim's list (though I'm a bit more ambivalent about the latter, having met him at SBL now and being utterly intrigued and surprised; he is quite different than his online persona). Anyways, I too read your blog with a great deal of joy, kindred Genesis spirits that we are! And again, I was glad to meet you at SBL. Keep at it!

  4. Does that make me unlucky, I wonder.

  5. So *this* is where that traffic spike came from... :^)

    Too bad my recent offerings are so spare and paltry. The end of a crushing term. I'll start living up to your praise in about ten days or so, I promise!