Comments Policy

I moderate all comments on this blog. If your comment doesn't appear immediately, don't submit it again. I either haven't gotten around to publishing yet or I've decided not to publish it at all. Here are some general rules that I use to decide whether to publish your comment or not. My thoughts on blog comments are pretty similar to Jim West and Larry Hurtado.

  1. Anonymous comments will not be published. If you have something to say worth publishing, own it. I have occasionally let anonymous comments through but that is at my discretion, and the comment must be substantive and relevant for me to even consider it.
  2. Non-substantive comments, especially with links, will be deleted. Examples: "Great post. I loved it. replica watches"; "I love your blog. Check out my website."
  3. Irrelevant comments will not be published. Stay on topic.
  4. Uncritical comments that fail to actually address the substance of a post or deal with the evidence will probably not be published unless I feel like deconstructing your weak arguments.
  5. Comments promoting a pet agenda or narrow point of view will be ignored.
  6. Closely related to #4, comments from cranks and crackpots will be deleted. If you fall under that category, you won't self-identify there, so you can consider your comment deleted per #7.
  7. I reserve the right to delete and/or not publish any and all comments without cause based on my arbitrary and subjective whims. Any objections or repeated reposting of comments will be ignored and deleted.
Concerning email inquiries, I respond if I have time and if they address substantive questions. If I don't respond, either I didn't have time or you didn't ask something worth answering.