Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Evidence from Ps 23 for the Divine Council

If you never learn the biblical languages, then your exegesis could always be derailed by a multitude of English homonyms, not to mention real semantic issues like range of meaning. My sense of humor tends toward puns and dry wit, sometimes hilarity ensues, sometimes it elicits groans. Anyway, a random thought occurred to me today in conversation about a shepherd's staff for a nativity costume. I think we can use Psa. 23:4b as proof that God has a divine entourage. Here's my gratuitous translation proving it.
Your club and your staff, they console me.
There you have it, proof of the divine council. God has a staff. Their job is to console. (If you don't get it, remember what I said about homonyms and read it again.)

If you want a much better example of how a literal over-reading of Scripture creates humor, Scott's old post here is one of my all-time favorites.


  1. Are you also suggesting that God owns a club, ala. Tony Soprano?

  2. yes, of course. what else could it possibly mean?

  3. Makes perfect sense to me!

  4. "Club" is what the divine council *belongs* to. I don't belong to the club, hence I don't get consulted. Or maybe you have to join the club to be on the staff?

  5. Doug,

    Thanks for all of the love lately. Top ten and now this. What can I say? My face is red, "Aww shucks..."


  6. Rich, absolutely. You have to join the club to be on staff. But it's by invitation only and you can get kicked out for challenging the leadership.

    Scott, I just love your "Peter = rock" post. What else can I say?

  7. So what You're basically saying is that Tora, tora, tora is NOT a Jewish-themed movie, is that it!? :-/ :D

    -- Lucian.

  8. Well if they made a show about the club, or wrote a book about the club, it would only make sense for it to end in the middle of a sen--