Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What happened to Clayboy?

I just tried to follow a link from Technorati back to Doug Chaplin's blog and found that it's no longer there--replaced by a hacker's calling card. If it was a completely random hack, then that's some pretty bad luck for Doug. I hope all is back to normal for his blog soon.

The next thing to do . . . export a backup of Biblia Hebraica from Blogger.

Update: Things appear to be mostly back in order at Clayboy as of this morning.


  1. Heck; me too, Doug (re emergency back-ups!)

  2. Hey Mark, good idea for all of us to remember to make backups. I saw on your post that you were using the Blogger Backup utility for your backup. Blogger has a built-in export feature that makes an XML file of your whole blog which is what I use.

  3. Hi Doug. Actually, I've done that too! Nothing like covering yourself.

  4. Here were his last 2 comments-via Google Reader:

    [12 hours ago] Comments I am likely to delete without warning …

    … include those that begin with, or include, the words “The real question is …”, “[but] the significant issue is…” or a similar phrase, and then try to change the topic of discussion away from the post to something different that the commenter wants to discuss … usually tendentious at best or troll-like at worst.

    [6hours ago]
    Help! Sorry! Aaarrgh! (If you can read this)

    Something weird has been happening with my Wordpress installation. It suddenly stopped working. I hope it was pure coincidence that it did so shortly after I deleted a comment (twice) from someone who wanted to hijack a thread for his own purposes. I thought I’d been hacked, but my hosting provider thinks something’s causing a conflict with my theme.

    So for a day or two things may look very boring here while I investigate.

    [looks anything but boring now. hope it works out.]

  5. Thanks for everyone's concern. I have no idea if I was randomly or deliberately targeted. It feels rather unpleasant, though.