Saturday, August 15, 2009

Random Verse: Ezra 8:5

This one needs no detailed explanation. Its randomness is self-evident. (Plus typing is going slowly with only one hand. Broke my left collar bone playing softball today. Left arm is in a a sling.)
Ezra 8:5 (NLT)

From the family of Zattu: Shecaniah son of Jahaziel and 300 other men.
Like biblical names for baby names? Forget Aaron, Jacob, Caleb, or Samuel - name your kid Zattu. It's biblical, too!

Scorecard: 6-1, Randomness.


  1. For some reason, it's only now that I begin to wonder what results a "NT Random Verse" project would return. Hmm. A random three in a row give me:
    Acts 12:10
    Mark 12:1
    Hebrews 12:4

    Well, as bibliomancy goes, I *ZOMG LOOK AT THE TWELVES!*

  2. I did find a cool and unusual sounding Biblical name for my kid, but when I found out it meant "terror" I decided against it. I didn't want to curse the boy with something like that.