Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recommendations: NT Pod and a New Talmud Blog

Updated with exciting new info!
I finally got around to putting Mark Goodacre's new NT Pod podcasts onto my mp3 player, so I could listen during my commute. Desiring as I am to be at least minimally informed of critical issues surrounding New Testament interpretation (in keeping with my overall generalist approach to biblical studies), I found his first three podcasts engaging and informative. They're rather short - around 5-7 minutes long - but they're just long enough to introduce an issue and get one thinking about reading the NT more closely. I highly recommend them for scholars and lay people alike who want an accessible, non-technical educational experience in NT studies
The online home of NT pod is http://podacre.blogspot.com/ and it is also available through iTunes or iTunesU (via Duke University).
You can find Mark's blog online at http://ntweblog.blogspot.com/ if the podcasts whet your appetite for learning even more about New Testament studies.
Now if only there were podcasts giving a similar intro into the wide world of rabbinic literature . . . but until that happens, at least there's a new blog about the Talmud. Being a generalist means you need to know a little bit about all this stuff because occasionally they intersect (see Jesus in the Talmud for example - could've been better but still interesting).
So, go - educate yourself. Read a page of Talmud every day and subscribe to the NT Pod!
UPDATE: I was just informed by my source on all things early Judaism that Michael Satlow has a series of podcasts on the History of Judaism. Looks like there are 12 so far, so I'll have to make more room on my mp3 player. Now if only there were podcasts covering everything I need to know for prelims . . . (though technically history of Judaism is part of that "everything").

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out and the kind words. Nice to think that people are listening in! Thanks too for the heads up re Michael Satlow's podcasts. I hope to get round to putting together a page on podcasts on the NT Gateway.