Monday, June 1, 2009

Biblical Studies Carnival XLII

For those of you who can't read Roman numerals, that's Biblical Studies Carnival 42 which is now up at Ketuvim. And this blog was actually noted twice. Apparently, May was a slow month all around. Check it out if you're looking for more to read. The amazing thing is that he's managed to completely avoid mentioning the so-called #1 biblioblog.


  1. envy is such an ugly characteristic. ;-)

    but seriously, more astonishing than that is his complete indifference to much that was very good. i wonder if he only looked at submissions or hunted around himself.

    nonetheless, it's his carnival and he can mention or ignore whatever he wants! god bless him, i say.

  2. Yes, we're all terribly envious of your #1 status, Jim, especially me. You're right, though. It's unbecoming. You set an example for all of us for integrity and kindness. Thanks.

  3. Flattery?! I was trying to be sincere. Today's not particularly worse than any other day, but I did take it hard to fall out of the Top 50.