Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Leaven on the New NIV

Making my way through the hundreds of unread posts in my feed reader, I found a couple of good posts about the new NIV over at New Leaven.

T.C. has drawn my attention to the fact that NIV2011 played it safe with the gender issue (which was my main criticism of TNIV - I still think it went too far). He also points out a site by Robert Slowley that has posted some stats comparing the NIV 1984, TNIV, and NIV 2011. T.C. has also compared several texts from Romans where new NIV has more theological clarity than old NIV. Check out his posts for more details!


  1. My computer generated comparison of the NIV2011 with the TNIV and NIV1984 has had many major updates:

    1. Greek text - now includes the SBLGNT with apparatus

    2. Hebrew text - HBS text included (experimental)

    3. Most changed verses list compared with both TNIV and NIV1984:

    4. List of (possible) proper noun changes:

    5. List of word changes relevant to the gender language debate:

    6. List of all words in text (warning: page is very large)

    Plus many many bug fixes, improvements in presentation, and other minor fixes.