Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NOVA: The Bible's Buried Secrets

NOVA has made an announcement intended to reach Bible scholars and students, so I thought I would reproduce it here.
NOVA is preparing for this fall's premiere of "The Bible's Buried Secrets," a special two-hour documentary which takes viewers on a fascinating archeological and scholarly journey to the beginnings of modern religion. Premiering November 18 on PBS, "The Bible's Buried Secrets" vividly recounts the saga of the ancient Israelites and digs deeply into both the Bible and the history of the Israelites through the archeological artifacts they left behind. The documentary focuses on the Hebrew Bible as the foundation for the great monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-- probing beyond questions of historical authenticity to explore the deeper meaning of the biblical texts that continue to resonate through the centuries.

We would like to spread the word about "The Bible's Buried Secrets" to scholars and students in the field. We' are developing short video clips from the film which we hope scholarly organizations will want to post on their Web sites, an html "postcard" which can be emailed to constituents as a reminder about the show. We will be holding screening and panel discussion events around the country in the lead-up to the premiere.

You can read more about the film and watch a clip at our temporary "landing site," www.pbs.org/nova/bible

Kate Becker
One Guest St, Boston MA 02135
I think the program looks interesting. Better than the typical "Mysteries of the Bible" things that come out every so often that profile the people who have "found" Noah's Ark and Mount Sinai.

[Via Jack Sasson.]

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