Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Blogs on Facebook

Either I missed them earlier or a few more biblioblogs have been added to Facebook recently.

Most notably -- Jim West and Chrisendom are now there.

I've also noted the following blogs on Facebook that I don't have on my blogroll here, but I have them either bookmarked or feeding into my Google Reader.

Idle Musings of a Bookseller
Ancient World Bloggers Group
ESV Blog
Bible Design & Binding
Evangelical Text Criticism
Singing in the Reign
Random Bloggings

This has made me realize that keeping up with the biblioblogosphere (especially when you factor in the theoblogosphere) is pretty much impossible and I should just stop trying. I have 40 blogs feeding into Google Reader. Thank goodness only a few of them post regularly. And 29 of the 40 are also on the blogroll here. Then I have another 30 blogs bookmarked that I check only occasionally. So much to read, so little time.

UPDATE 7:40 pm 8/7/08

And now also on Facebook (and added to my Google Reader, make that 42):
Voice of Stefan
Archaic Christianity


  1. how is it that you find these blogs? it must be some mystery religion thing. because i don't have a clue.

  2. I assume you mean how to find them on Facebook - though how I descended into the vortex of non-productivity that is the blogosphere and found all those blogs is an interesting story in its own right. I'll also assume that you seriously want to know and aren't just making a joke. I didn't give any details on the post, so I may as well rectify that here.

    The Blog Networks app in Facebook has a search box at the top of the page with a blue button labeled "find blogs" next to it. The search checks the title, tags, and description of blogs in the network to find relevant content. I searched "ancient", "bible", and "theology" to find these. To find a specific blog, just search for the name.

  3. ah ok thanks. yes i was serious. i thought maybe there was some single page on facebook that had them all listed as 'biblioblogs'

    so thanks. very helpful.