Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Lingamish Links

I eagerly scanned the list at the prestigious Lingamish links page looking for my name like a freshman hoping beyond hope to have made the cut to the Varsity squad.  My heart sank when I saw that, alas, I hadn't made the list.  I feared perhaps I was guilty of some of the cardinal sins of blogging, but I don't think they apply to my blog, except perhaps for lacking terseness (but Esteban got a free pass on that one).  Or maybe my sidebar is too busy.  This is a blogspot blog after all.

I finally concluded that David Ker must be sore at me for not mentioning Lingamish among my Top Bible Blogs (but I'd only recently added him to my blogroll and haven't read much of it yet).

I'm joking, of course, and I agree (for the most part) with David's assessment of blogging - though not as enthusiastically as Jim West.  I will endeavor to avoid all the pitfalls that David points out (hmm...but I'm blogging about blogging here).

My only consolation is that the majority of the blogs on my blogrolls also didn't make the cut.  For those of you who did, congratulations on such a prestigious honor.  As for me, I'm just happy that Esteban still has me under his "Biblioblogs of Awesomeness."

HT: Jim West


  1. Oh, I always get free passes.

    But let us focus on the chief truth of your post: namely, that Ker is sore. Yes, that's right--and there's no need to throw the thin veneer of humor over that. The fact that he was omitted from your Top Bible Blogs was a blow that his narcissism simply could not take. The poor, pathetic soul.

    Anyway, making my blogroll is the gateway to far greater things. Just as Nick Norelli! ;-)

  2. by all rights you shouldn't worry so much about ker's list. rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for your name is written on the jim's list of blogs. that's the list that matters, right? it you ain't there, you ain't ... well, some fun word that rhymes with there.

  3. Jim, you're right, of course. I'm exceedingly glad that my name is written in the jim's list of blogs. I guess I should have noted that as my only other consolation . . .

  4. Wow – you have Jim West as a blog category. Now that is sad.

  5. Sad? I was just trying to keep track of all the times I was obliged to mention him. He's just that important. Thanks for mentioning it because I caught one that I missed.

    But if it's really that sad, maybe I should just lump those all under the "Biblioblogs" tag and get rid of it. But Jim might get offended...

  6. Douglas, you've done just the right thing in a case like this. You wrote a post and whined. A comment on the original post might also bring you on to my radar. I see a lot of the gang is following you so...hmmm.

    Biblical Hebrew is my next language project so your blog might become dear to me, you never know.

  7. And I forgot to mention that the last time I visited your blog I did check to see if I was on your blogroll. Such insecurity!!!

  8. David,

    I'm glad that I'm on your radar now, but I didn't think I was whining. My three year old has mastered the art of whining, so I've grown accustomed to detecting it.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting. Good luck when you turn your attention to Biblical Hebrew.