Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comment Policy

Since I have received a number of comments lately that I've left aside unpublished, I've decided to publicize the basic criteria I use in deciding whether or not to publish a comment.

1. Unlike Jim West, I don't automatically dismiss ALL anonymous comments, but your chances of being published are severely diminished if you submit an anonymous comment. If you comment anonymously (because of Blogger or whatever), signing off with your real name means you will likely get published. I have occasionally let anonymous comments with a pseudonym slip through but that is at my discretion.
2. Short but complimentary comments that are clearly only posted as "mules" for your embedded links will not be published. For example, "Great post. I loved it. replica watches"
3. Comments that are largely irrelevant to the content of the post or the comment thread will not be published.
4. Comments that are promoting an uncritical perspective on issues or promoting a pet agenda will be deleted.
5. Closely related to #4, any comments from cranks and/or crackpots will be deleted. If you fall under that category, you won't self-identify there, so you can consider your comment deleted per #6.
6. I reserve the right to delete and/or not publish any and all comments without cause based on my arbitrary and subjective whims. Any objections or repeated reposting of comments will be ignored and deleted.


  1. Ouch, sounds like you've had a lot of problems with trolls as of late.

  2. It's something I've intended to write for a while. Decided to finally do it after sifting through my comments moderation inbox and all the crackpot comments I've ignored over the last few years.

  3. Paz. Meu nome é Vivaldo Pereira e moro no Brasil, apreciando muito seu site e faço uma pergunta. João Batista era da tribo de Levi e Jesus Cristo da tribo de Judá...Eles eram primos mesmos, como dizem? Maria e José era da tribo de Judá e era parente de Izabel, esposa de Zacarias, da tribo de Levi, podiam ser?. No aguardo. Deus o abençoe e até mais.

  4. above comment automatically translated by Google:
    "My name is Paz Vivaldo Pereira and I live in Brazil, enjoying your site and do much
    a question. John the Baptist was of the tribe of Levi and the tribe of Jesus Christ
    Judah .. They were cousins ​​themselves, as they say? Mary and Joseph was of the tribe of Judah and was
    relative of Isabella, wife of Zacharias, of the tribe of Levi could be. Waiting in the wings.
    God bless and more."
    I'm not sure what the question is. How can they be cousins but from different tribes? Never thought about it before.

  5. Dear Doug

    I can't get my comment across to the Smackdown Elior Propoals.

    Because John FC has blocked my comment to get through can you talk him Please.

    John Stuart

  6. John Stuart, I have no say in the comments people allow or block on their own blogs. I allowed most of your comments primarily because they are on years-old posts on Qumran. Your info really has no merit or bearing on current Qumran studies as you are just repeating decades-old hypotheses and minority opinions on DSS research. John Hobbins apparently doesn't find your comments enlightening or entertaining so he blocks them.