Thursday, December 2, 2010

Full-Size Replica of Noah's Ark Planned!!

Exciting news from Cincinnati! If you haven't yet had the chance to visit the Creation Museum, you will soon have no excuse because you simply will not be able to resist the lure of seeing a replica of Noah's Ark at full biblical proportions!!

From CNN:
The Creation Museum will announce details Wednesday afternoon of its planned expansion.
Answers In Genesis, which built and operates the religious-themed attraction, plans to build a full-scale wooden replica of Noah's Ark based on biblical descriptions.
The $24.5 million project will be constructed by the same team that built the Creation Museum.
The religious ministry is soliciting online donations to help construct the project, which they expect to draw an estimated 1.6 million visitors per year.
Ken Ham, president and CEO of Answers In Genesis, cites poll data showing that an estimated 63 percent of Americans would visit a full-scale replica of Noah's Ark if one were built in the U.S.
As soon as it's built, I'm planning my trip to Cincinnati! Of course, I'm not quite sure what the Ark has to do with a "Creation Museum" but I guess it is a story from Genesis. Maybe next they can build a replica of the Tower of Babel.

DISCLAIMER: Lest you think I'm serious, this post will help you detect the appropriate filter through which to understand my comments.

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  1. A point of clarification: The park is planned for Northern Kentucky, not Cincinnati. The best part, is that it's being billed as a tourism boon for the state and as such is getting substantial tax credit.

    Better article at Courier-Journal.

  2. Jim, I see now that the CNN headline says "outside of Cincinnati." Thanks for the clarification and for the link. The Courier-Journal story is more detailed and informative. I'm excited that this new park will, in fact, also have a replica of the Tower of Babel. The full story from WLWT in Cincinnati has a great quote from Ken Ham on what they think this will accomplish: "We see a full-scale, wooden ark as something so significant that it will shake up this nation," Ham said. "It would be a clear reminder to America about the truths of the Bible. The building of a huge ark is a unique and powerful opportunity to reach millions in our nation (and around the world) with a bold statement: God's word is true." I can think of nothing better to "prove" the truths of the Bible to a skeptical and unbelieving world than to erect a life-size model of Noah's Ark in Kentucky. Maybe we can find some classicists interested in proving the Iliad really happened by building a full-size model of the Trojan Horse. Seriously - how is that proof? Boggles my mind.