Saturday, August 28, 2010

Check Out! from Logos is the best online Bible study site I’ve used. Yesterday’s post at the Logos blog highlighted some of the great features.
Introducing the beta release: a super-simple Bible for the web that’s backed up by the incredible technology (and massive library!) of Logos Bible Software. What makes so cool?
Read the rest of the post to find out . . .

Of course, the best part for a Logos user like me is the online access to my Logos library. I have no idea what the basic resources available on the site are since when I’m logged in to my Logos account it shows the hundreds of Bibles and books in my digital library. That’s cool.

Here’s more information from the site’s “About” section: is your place for Bible study online. Part of a family of services from Logos Bible Software, it offers free access to a collection of Bibles and Bible reference works, with an easy user interface and powerful search engine.
More Content
Everyone gets free access to a number of Bibles and a few other resources. Log into (with your account, or by making a free account here) for access to dozens of free Bible study resources. uses exactly the same e-books and account management as Logos Bible Software, whether you download software or not. That means that already offers thousands of high quality resources for Bible study. You can purchase content for use with Logos Bible Software for Windows or Macintosh, or simply unlock it online at, and you’ll have access to it online at*
Anywhere Access
Logos Bible Software works on the Macintosh, for Windows, on the iPhone, iPad, and even supports mobile web browsers at Your single user account works with all of these platforms, as well as here at Purchase an e-book in one place and you can use it everywhere!* Future releases will even synchronize your notes across all the platforms.
Powerful Platform is designed to make it easy to use a Bible side-by-side with helps and reference books. But underneath it is built on the same powerful platform as Logos Bible Software 4, the world’s leading Bible software. Logos has been developing Bible software for nearly two decades. Today it is a team of more than 170 people offering more than 10,000 titles for Bible study; is our way of delivering all that experience and content to users who prefer a web interface. 
*Not all resources are licensed for online use.
Even if you aren’t a Logos user, I recommend checking it out. It looks like without logging in you can access 41 Bible versions and 2 Bible study helps. Registering for a free account promises 37 more resources. Using it might inspire you to start using Logos! It’s a great program for Bible study resources.


  1. Interesting site, but I doubt it will convince me to buy the software. I just bought a mac so that I could get Accordance.

  2. hey, that sounds great. I prefer Bibleworks myself since I only use software for searches/etc.
    I'll have to check out the site, and see what I think of Logos lite.