Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prelims on My Mind or TTFN

As I continue to strive for that sublime state of mind known as the Bibb-Lester "You Know What's Interesting..." Effect (aka the B-L "YKWI..." Effect - wherein intensive exam prep pervades all of life in creative ways), I've decided to take a break from much of my online activity, seeing it as more of a distraction than as a constructive part of my personal development for now. My exam schedule is set: General Exam-July 27, Hebrew Exam-July 30, Semitics Exam-Aug 11, Oral Exam (including dissertation proposal)-Aug 20. So I'm taking a sabbatical of sorts from the biblioblogosphere. I'll still moderate comments but don't expect much discussion or new content here until late August. I probably won't be paying much attention to what any other biblioblogs are saying either, though my subscriptions will remain in Google Reader. It will be interesting to see how many unread items I have once I achieve enlightenment (i.e., successful completion of exams). For round the clock updates on what is going on in the biblioblogging community in my absence, I refer you to the #1 biblioblog of all time.


  1. Sounds like a wise move. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the prelims. As someone who has taken them recently, I can tell you--they are fun!

    My best advice, one piece obvious and the other maybe not . . . .

    1) Know the material and your responses backwards and forwards. It should pour out of you unthinkingly. I got to this point, and it made everything much much easier.

    2) Be calm about it, and have fun with it. I walked in the first day to my comps cracking jokes, trying to bring some levity to things. Some didn't take too kindly to my lack of seriousness at this point, but I also ended up doing much better than those who were much less jovial on that day. Have fun expressing what you know.