Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 SBL Preliminary Program Details

If you're meticulously planning your November trip to New Orleans for SBL, online access to the preliminary program is available here.

For my part, I always look forward to the Wisdom Literature sections. This year there is a session devoted to discussing David Clines' Job commentary. The long-awaited third volume on chapters 38-42 must be forthcoming; although, I can find no mention of it at Thomas Nelson's website. It is, however, available for pre-order here with a 10/29/09 release date.
Wisdom in Israelite and Cognate Traditions

Theme: Job Studies - David Clines' Job Trilogy (WBC), how we got to where we are, and what is coming next
Some of the world's leading specialists on the book of Job celebrate the completion of David Clines' third volume (Job 38-42) in the Word Biblical Commentary Series and use this opportunity to reflect on the future of the study of the book of Job.

Knut Heim, Presiding
David Clines, University of Sheffield, Panelist
C. Seow, Princeton Theological Seminary, Panelist
Samuel Balentine, Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education, Panelist
Katharine Dell, University of Cambridge, Panelist
Edward Greenstein, Bar Ilan University, Panelist
Michael Fox, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Panelist
Carol Newsom, Emory University, Panelist

I've also noted that one of the Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew sections is again stacked with UW-Madison people - 1 professor and 2 alumni.

Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew

John A. Cook, Asbury Theological Seminary

Reconsidering the so-called vav consecutive (35 min)

Robert D. Holmstedt, University of Toronto

Tripartite Nominal Clause or Pronominal Copula? (35 min)

Jacobus A. Naude, University of the Free State

Quantification in Biblical hebrew. The scope of the quantifier kol (35 min)

Cynthia L. Miller, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pronominal Reference and Vocative Expressions (35 min)

Too bad the dates and times aren't up at all yet. Usually I make plans for papers I'd like to hear and then they all get stacked in the same few time slots.


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