Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Bible Blog

I've updated my blogrolls, deleting the retired blogs (like NT Wrong) and adding one new blog - Hesed we'emet.

The blogger is John Anderson, a PhD student in Hebrew Bible at Baylor. So far his posts look interesting. Chris Heard vouches for him, and John Hobbins has acknowledged his existence, so I guess he must be all right.


  1. Thanks, Doug, for the mention! And likewise for calling my posts "interesting" - I would be curious as to your take on two of the central questions I have posed - methodologies and the tenth century. I welcome and look forward to seeing your comments (not enough Hebrew Bible blogs out there).

    I am appreciative also for the great rigor with which I have been reviewed and accepted. Chris Heard's mention I will accept with great joy, and the fact that Hobbins has 'noted my existence' is so pleasing I can't even stand it (I jest!). But seriously, thank you for the mention.

    I hope we can continue to dialogue with one another on our respective blogs; I look forward to it.

  2. Very knowlegeable and well worth interacting with.