Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best of Biblia Hebraica 2008 - Part 1

The first anniversary of this blog is coming up in about two weeks, so I thought I would post here a list of my best posts from 2008. The posts are in chronological order. This part has the list through July. The next part will cover the rest of the year.

Lost in Translation: the Benefits of Reading the "Original" (Feb 11)

This post tries to encourage people that they're not missing much if they can't read Hebrew or Greek, but I end up concluding they should probably learn them anyway.

Bible Translation Philosophy (Feb 15)

This is a basic introduction to the difference between word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation approaches.

Where is the God of Justice? (Feb 25)

This post is about the interpretation of Malachi 3.

Use of the OT in the NT -- Mark 1:2-3 (Mar 7)

As It is Written ... Mark 1:2 (Mar 18)

These two posts are about Mark's use of Malachi and Isaiah.

The Holman Christian Standard Bible (Mar 19)

This is my review of the HCSB translation.

Using the NT to Validate OT Historicity (May 12)

Here I deal with the tricky question of whether the NT writers are "proving" the historicity of OT characters by mentioning Adam or Abraham or Jonah by name.

Studying Hebrew Bible at Wisconsin (July 10)

This is my answer to several students seeking a grad program in Hebrew Bible who inquired about the program here at UW-Madison.

Gabriel's Vision - 10 posts (started in July)

Israel Knohl's interpretation of this inscription hit the news media in July and inspired many posts.

Musings on Messianic Motifs (July 23)

The interpretation of Gabriel's Vision led me to more and more about the issue of messianic expectation in the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Period.

A Modern Messiah (July 29)

This posts links to a brilliant satire highlighting the messianic-like expectations that help fuel the popularity of President Obama (which reminds me of this comic that came out just before the inauguration).

Tune in next time for . . . the Best of Biblia Hebraica 2008, Part 2.


  1. Congrats on your one year!

  2. Are these your favorite posts or the ones with the most hits?

  3. These are some of my favorites. I didn't keep stats for the first part of the year.

    Part 2 should go up this weekend some time.