Saturday, February 20, 2010

RBL Review of Fox’s Proverbs vol. 2

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The latest commentary by my professor Michael V. Fox has been reviewed in the Review of Biblical Literature by Bruce Waltke.

I have not finished reading either the commentary or the review, but early on, Waltke comments that his volume published in 2007 was not interacted with. He rightly surmises that Fox had ended interaction with commentaries before 2007. The truth is that this volume was all but ready for publication in 2006 and was delayed due to the transitionin publisher for the Anchor series from Doubleday to Yale.

I am very glad that it has finely been published. As I interact with it more, I will post my own review. In the meantime, it would be worth your time to read Waltke’s take on the volume.

Michael Fox
Proverbs 10-31: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Reviewed by Bruce K. Waltke

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  1. For those interested, I reviewed the review, and Waltke responded, here: