Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 15 Minutes . . .

A reader was kind enough to point out that my name came up in passing in a NY Times Op-Ed column yesterday.  The column deals with the subtle way that Google is taking over the world and taking revenue and relevance away from traditional journalism.

Quite coincidentally, my name happened to crawl across Google's ticker at just the time when Ms. Dowd was waiting in the lobby at Google HQ.
But there is a vaguely ominous Big Brother wall in the lobby of the
headquarters here that scrolls real-time Google searches — porn queries
are edited out — from people around the world. You could probably see
your own name if you stayed long enough. In one minute of watching, I
saw the Washington association where my sister works, the Delaware
beach town where my brother vacations, some Dave Matthews lyrics,
calories Panera, females feet, soaps in depth and Douglas Mangum,
whoever he is.
I hope she googled me herself, so she now knows who I am.  Of course, I'm sure there are others with the same name.  I just don't know any of them.

HT: Christopher Hays


  1. I saw your name in the NYT Op-Ed. And exactly three motions of an index finger, I discovered who, exactly, was being discussed. What a wonderful age we live in.

  2. I googled you too after reading the op-ed. I think it was more likely the original google search she saw was for Douglas Margerum who is a California winemaker that recently made local news here in Santa Barbara because it was announced he is reopening a landmark area restaurant that he formerly owned:


  3. Steve, you're raining on my parade. But "Mangum" is an odd way to misspell "Margerum". Good example though for how we filter information by relevance to our own experience.

    It's not unusual for Statcounter to record that visitors have reached my blog by googling my name as correctly spelled. This has happened long before the mention in the NYT column. Whether they were intentionally searching for me or not is beside the point.