Monday, February 2, 2009

Humorous Archaeology Search String . . .

"amount of bonuses that archaeologists get"

If you put that phrase in Google, one of my posts will be the second hit because I used archaeology and bonus in the title.

The question is why was someone searching for that phrase and, by doing so, stumbling upon my blog yesterday?

I'm not an archaeologist, but from what I've been told they aren't really in it for the money . . . because the only way to get "bonuses" is to sensationalize your find, turn it into a best selling book, make movies about it, etc.

By then, you're considered a sell-out and not a real archaeologist and scholar anymore anyway.

I just briefly thought of a few examples of archaeologists who have "sold out" by turning tenuous interpretations into popular books, but I've decided it would be more prudent to not name them.

So, if you were considering a career in archaeology because you thought they got a lot of bonuses and were well-compensated for their time and effort, sorry to disappoint.  Go to law school instead.

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