Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amazon Kindle

Yes, I said on Friday that I prefer real books to e-books and having a digital library on Logos, but for some reason, Amazon's Kindle device has caught my interest.

It would be more interesting to me if more of the books from my biblical studies top "To-Read" list were available in Kindle format. So far, I've only found David Carr's Writing on the Tablet of the Heart. There are others, but many are from that gray area of religion writing in between serious scholarly work and popular conspiracy theories. If I read Bart Ehrman, for example, I could get 5 of his books for Kindle. Unfortunately, my reading list is full of non-Kindled books like van der Mieroop's History of the Ancient Near East and John Collins's The Apocalyptic Imagination.

So, I'll save my money first. After all, the Kindle costs $360 and I'm sure they'll come out with a second-generation model before too long. Maybe by then more of the books I have to read will be available. This doesn't change my mind about Logos digital libraries, however. I could carry the Kindle everywhere. Logos would be stuck on my computer.

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